About the Logo

The Sistine Chapel is known for its incredibly ornate, timeless visuals. We wanted our logo and branding to emulate same sense of the epic, the luxurious.

The focal point of the Sistine Chapel is man’s purpose, the person and presence of Christ.

The other scenes and figures from Sacred Scripture craft the key points in mankinds’ narrative. Their energy and meaning becomes clear in light of our end, the Second Coming of Christ.

For us, it’s our strategy, our goal setting that makes sense of all our efforts.

Rays of light coming from the central point reflect the clarity provided by a detailed strategy and well-defined brand.

The classic Trinitarian meaning of the triangle unifies the other elements of the design. It concisely points outward, symbolizing movement and actionable steps needed for a successful strategy.

The outer circle contains all the elements within, providing cohesion and balance. It also represents the singularity of God and the “oneness” of the Catholic Church and mission of all its members.

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