50% of Catholics are falling away from the Faith. 100% of them are online.

If we want to reach people and start conversations, we have to meet them where they are. Because they’re not coming to us.

We believe that Catholics have to do better than ‘spray and pray’.

Catholics are passionate about saving souls, but often don’t have the proper strategy skills, or marketing tools.

Many aren’t even doing it at all.

Marketing is about creating conversations. At the speed of light. Using cutting edge technology to listen, engage, and iterate change.

You need the freedom to respond to new opportunities and events as they happen.

In 2018, two powerhouses decided to channel their love of the Faith and skill sets into creating a unique team.

We’re bringing small to mid-sized Catholic businesses and entrepreneurs all the power and strategy of a premier marketing company.

The Sistine Strategies team is made up of:

  1. Veteran Catholic consultants with over 20 years of experience in secular and Catholic businesses. They are experts in creating businesses from scratch, assessing market opportunities, and creating strategies that resonate with hearts and minds.
  2. Young design and strategy specialists, graduates from Christendom College.  They are younger, deeply grounded in the Faith, and excited to create a future full of possibilites for Catholicism.

We understand that every project is unique. We collaborate with your brand to find the best solutions for your budget. to see your vision succeed.

Harness the energy that comes from purposeful living.

It’s not ‘just business’ for us.

This is counter cultural.

How may we serve you?

Why ‘Sistine’ Strategies

Within Vatican City, a chapel’s frescoes have awed audiences for over 500 years.

These iconic works by masters of art and theology do more than illustrate a Biblical narrative.

They draw you to journey through the destiny of the human story, into the ultimate revelation of the immanent Christ.

To find purpose in our own lives, we must understand this human story – the strategy of creation.

Similarly, success in business depends on having a clear strategy, and a strong understanding of your story and purpose.

Sistine Strategies takes inspiration from this telos, this destiny.

Our team works with you to build clear, actionable, and measurable strategies. Your narrative, vision, and engagement efforts will all come together, and start working.

Like you, our team is grateful to be Catholic. We are all confirmed in the same passion for Christ and His commision to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19).

Together, we can do better than struggle to evangelize. We can excel.

Strategy is key to success. And a Sistine strategy is a Christocentric plan of action.

Seamless and efficient.

The turnaround time and flexibility with edits also made the entire process easy. As a non-profit start-up, we needed a great site that looked like the best but at a reasonable price. Sistine delivered and I highly recommend them.

John O’Herron, Cardinal Newman Academy

Why Should Catholics Focus on Marketing Online?

Catholic businesses and ministries are missing out on massive opportunities online. Tech, apps, and the internet are integral parts of our culture. We help you use these tools so that you can expand, excel, and evangelize your vision.

Viewers take less than 0.5 seconds to evaluate your site’s visual appeal, and if they should stay or leave.


43% of all local searches are on mobile devices.


75% of people go online to research a company before visiting.


86% of people will leave your website if it is not responsive.

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